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The Gazelle Ultimate C380 HMB successfully combines a sporty urban bike and a comfortable touring bike. The beautifully shaped aluminum frame, with dynamic lines and integrated battery ensures stable road-holding. The Enviolo trekking internal gear hub adds the ease of stepless shifting to this. Together with the wide tires, front fork suspension and relaxed posture, it raises cycling comfort to an unprecedentedly high level.
The Eclipse T11 HMB is all about adventure with a capital A. It features attractive, active geometry so you can keep cycling for longer. Any tough climbs on your route won't be a problem. Bosch's most powerful mid-range motor offers you assistance, while the derailleur gears allow for easy shifting. Found yourself in unchartered territory? Use the navigation on the advanced display. Focus on design and integration The iconic, single-coloured Gazelle V-shaped handlebar stem not only makes for a beautiful design, but also integrates the Bosch Kiox 300 display. The cables are also neatly tucked away in the headset. Well-designed active riding position The unique design makes for the perfect combination of an active riding position and a large battery of up to 750 Wh, so you can focus on the world around you. Absorbs impact of bumps The rugged MOBIE suspension fork from Suntour absorbs the impact of bumps for optimum riding comfort. Perfect handling The extra-wide Schwalbe tires give you control in every corner, on pavement and unpaved trails alike Comfort on paved and unpaved paths The Eclipse T11+ HMB has 27.5 inch wheels with extra-wide tires from Schwalbe designed specifically for ebikes. This is a fantastic combination if you're looking for adventure. Why? Whether you stay on roads or tackle unpaved trails, you're guaranteed good grip and excellent maneuverability. The width of the tires—in combination with a slightly lower tire pressure—makes it easier to roll over uneven terrain. You'll feel little to no vibrations, and enjoy a comfortable experience. Smooth derailleur drive Climbing slopes, cycling into a headwind, or riding on unpaved trails — you can do it all with ease thanks to the Shimano XT derailleur gears. This group, specially developed for ebikes, is all about durability and longevity. The system offers a total of eleven gears. With such a wide gearing range, you'll always have the perfect gear at hand. Powerful and controlled braking Enjoy powerful, safe braking when you head off for an adventure on your Eclipse T11+ HMB. Gazelle has fitted the bike with hydraulic disc brakes. They offer powerful braking performance and are easy to modulate, which gives you complete control over the braking force. As a result, you can slow down in a controlled manner at any time — whether descending a hill or approaching an intersection. And the best thing is that hydraulic disc brakes deliver every time, rain or shine. No slope is too steep Tackling hill after hill is no problem for the Eclipse T11+ HMB. This ebike features Bosch's most powerful mid-drive motor, the Performance Line Speed, with the innovative Smart System platform. It has a maximum torque of 85 Nm and provides assistance up to 28 mph, allowing you to effortlessly tackle even the steepest of slopes. The motor is powered by the battery that is neatly integrated into the frame. The huge 750 Wh battery capacity also provides ample range for all your rides. The sky's the limit with this powerful Bosch motor. Bosch Kiox 300 No mountain is too high with the Bosch Performance Line Speed motor. With assistance up to 28 mph, you can overcome any challenge you may encounter. The torque of 85 Nm means you'll never come to a standstill on steep hills or mountains and you'll be able to embark on any adventure with confidence. Neatly integrated and long-lasting battery Bosch's lithium-ion batteries are among the most advanced on the market. The integrated 750 Wh battery ensures that you never come to a standstill. The battery is locked into the frame and can be easily removed using the bike key. This is convenient, as you can charge the battery either on or off the bike. Because the battery is quite large, we have developed a special carrying handle. As an added bonus, this better protects the battery against being stolen from the bike. It's a win-win situation! Kiox 300 The Kiox 300 is the perfect companion for any adventure. After a sporty ride through nature, or the shortest route to work? The Kiox 300 has many helpful features, including navigation. The color display also presents all the information very clearly. Bluetooth also makes it easy to pair your smartphone with the bike, so your bike stays up to date and you can conveniently view all the route information.
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