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Bike Repair

Service at Cyclesport Sets the Standard. Not all shops are created equal; our trained staff of professional mechanics are ready to help you.

At Cyclesport we take your cycling seriously.  We realize that our service department is the backbone of our business.  For over 60 years, Cyclesport has been setting the gold standard in service departments.  We have been selected as one of America's best bike shops for 10 years in a row, in addition to receiving numerous other awards. Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction.  Our highly trained service staff includes a team of Master Mechanics with over 75 years of combined experience in the Bicycle Industry.  We will take the time to do the job right the first time, so every ride is a perfect one.   

For customers who have purchased a bike from Cyclesport, we offer service by appointment.  Simply call us or stop by when you are ready to schedule your service.   Drop your bike off the night before and pick it up the following evening.    

Whether you wish to simply drop your bike off, or wait during the service, we are happy to accommodate you. If you choose to wait, we have a full service espresso bar and cafe, IL Freno located within our shop. We realize that many of our clients have hectic schedules and our goal is to minimize downtime. 

Most bikes brought in for normal services will be done on a 48 hour turnaround (please call, stop by, or email for exact estimates, based on workload). 

Please feel free to email us at

Basic Service Options:  Please note, unlike most of our competitors, all of our Tune-Up options involve cleaning.  

Our shop labor rate is $100 per hour.

Basic Tune-Up:

Minor cleaning of all surfaces, every nut/bolt tightened and adjusted, all cables and pivot points lubed, minor truing of wheels, bearing adjustments, derailleur and brakes adjusted, and tires inflated to proper levels.

Full Tune-Up:

Includes all of the above services from the basic tune-up. Additionally the drivetrain is removed and put into a Crest Ultrasonic Parts Cleaner, reinstalled and relubricated.  Your machine will look brand new.

All other services can be performed on an à la carte basis.


Service Clinics:

At Cyclesport, we believe if you are comfortable with your bike, you will ride it more.  We are happy to offer service clinics throughout the year to help you better understand your bike.

Bike Basics 101: all the basic survival skills you will need to get through the ride.

How do I take the wheels off?  How do I change a flat?  What happens if my chain falls off?

Answers to questions like these and many others will be answered during our classes.

We teach these classes throughout the fall, winter, and spring.  Call, stop by, or email for more details.

Happy Cycling,


The Staff at Cyclesport