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Cyclesport Dynamic Fit Studio

We think there is a common misconception out there that part of cycling is being uncomfortable.  Many times we have heard people tell us that they assumed neck, back or shoulder pain were part of riding.  They do not need to be.  During our dynamic fit process we will take the time to determine the perfect fit for you.  When you have the perfect fit, pain should be a thing of the past.  Pain free riding allows you to ge the most out of your cycling experience, which is our ultimate goal.  Poor fit leads to less riding and possible injuries.  Cyclesport wants you to ride more!  Each time you finish your ride we want you to be dreaming about riding again!



SICI Fit System

There are a lot of different fit systems out there.  Why choose Cyclesport?

We realize there are numerous approaches to bike fit in the marketplace today and almost every system uses a formula based on averages.  These averages compare your body measurements to other individuals of similar size and then give a guess as to your perfect fit.  Cyclesport uses the (SICI) method of bike fitting.  This unique approach uses body measurements, along with an athlete's flexibility, enabling us to customize a fit based on your individual needs.  Whether you are a competitive Triathlete looking to fine tune your position for maximum performance or a new cyclist looking to get the most out of your cycling experience, we will find the fit that works best for you.

Fitters On Staff

Michael Grotz - Owner, Cyclesport

Michael has been involved in competitive cycling most of his life, having raced at an elite level for over 20 years.  He has been doing bike fits for over 25 years and is an Advanced Fit Specialist.  In addition to specializing in road and triatlon fits, Michael is an expert custom bike designer with over 750 drafts in his arsenal.

Jeff Bender - Fit Guru

Jeff has been involved in cycling since his high school years when he first started as a junior mechanic at Cyclesport. Later in life, as his son became a national caliber cyclist, Jeff rejoined the Cyclesport team. His technical expertise, coupled with his insistence on perfection, makes him the perfect candidate for the most challenging of fits.

With all of our enthusiasm and our experience, we look forward to making your fit experience the best it can be.  After all, cycling is such a wonderful sport that we'd love the opportunity to bring you to a new level of enjoyment!