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SICI Custom Fit Services

Welcome to Cyclesport's Custom Bike Fit Studio. We want to make you comfortable on your new dream bike.  We have the tools required to give you the perfect fit.  When a Senior Editor of Bicycling magazine chose a fitter for his new bike, he chose Cyclesport. Whether you are looking for the perfect road, triathlon, or comfort fit, we have the experience needed to insure maximum performance.

At Cyclesport, we have over 50 years of experience fitting cyclists.  We guarantee your complete satisfaction with the custom bike fitting process.

All custom built bikes come with one-year unlimited service and adjustments at no additional charge.

Let us walk you through the fitting process:          

1. Consultation

The fit process begins with an initial consultation.  This gives us an opportunity to learn as much as we can about you.  In order to build your perfect bike, we will need to assess your goals, flexibility, riding style, and any previous injuries you have had.  This information, along with other measurements taken during the fitting process will help us to dial in your perfect fit.  The more information we have, the better equipped we are to begin building your new custom bike.

2. Flexibility

Why flexibility? This is a vital step in the process. While many fit methods rely solely on body measurements, we realize that flexibility plays a vital role in your perfect fit.  While two individuals could have the same dimensions, they will ride in different positions if they have different ranges of flexibility.  We need to know the range of motion you are comfortable with and will build your bike around your needs.

3. Sizing

We will now work together to dial in your perfect fit on our SICI designed Size Cycle.  Our SICI certified fit consultants will set the sizecycle with your exact preference of saddle, pedals, handlebar, and shifters.  We evaluate your bike position, cleat placement, and offer you our experience on determining your perfect frame. We will then transfer all of the information from the Size Cycle to our state of the art frame design program.  This program enables us to put the numbers into a blueprint for your perfect ride.  No detail will be overlooked in the draft of your new bike.  Through position optimization used in our SICI Fit Process, we guarantee you the perfect fit.


4. Selection

Once we have designed your ultimate frame, you now have an opportunity to put the finishing touches on the masterpiece.  We will work together to help you select just the right paint finishes and decals for your bike.  The final step in this process culminates with the selection of your components.   Cyclesport offers premium build kit options with top-quality components. We allow you the flexibility of choice with regards to the tires, saddle, handlebars, stem, seatpost, pedals and anything else you really want.  After all, we want you to get your bike exactly the way you want it.  No compromises.


5. Design/Build


After you’ve decided on color and specifications, the complete the draft of your new frame is sent off to one of our frame building partners.  We will consult with their team of experts to ensure the bike will fit you like a glove. We sweat the small stuff, and leave nothing to chance. 

During the assembly process we carefully use the measurements recorded during your sizing session to insure your new bike will fit you perfectly. Cyclesport is home to some of the most experienced fit technicians in the business.

6. Final Fitting

Your new bike is built and ready. You return with your shoes and shorts, and take your first ride in a training stand. Now is time we begin to realize that all of the time and effort spent on the fit, was really worth it.  With a few small adjustments, you are now ready to take your new machine out for it's first ride.  If addtional changes in saddle, bar or stem need to be made at a later date to insure your continued comfort, Cyclesport will gladly swap the components at no additional charge.

Bike Fit Services

We also offer fit services to retro-fit existing bikes.  Not happy with the way your current bike fits?  Looking to improve your comfort, or your performance in your next triathlon?  Our trained staff of expert fitters can help you.  Call or stop by and make an appointment for a fitting. We can show you first hand why Cyclesport is one of the Nation's leaders in bike fit.

At Cyclesport, we have the tools needed to help you get the most out of cycling.  We have 3 professional fit specialists, with over 50 years of cycling experience. 

Retro-fit your current bike: $225.  This includes a consultation with one of fit experts, and an analysis of your fit.  We will make the needed changes to your bike to improve fit, performance and comfort.

Cyclesport Full Custom Fit: $350. This includes a consultation with one of our fit experts, an analysis of your fit, along with a computer draft of the perfect measurements for you new bike.  This is included with every custom bike purchase from Cyclesport.